Visit our showroom to see a wide array of garage doors

If you’re at that point where your plans for your garage door are ready to go and you want to make them a reality, we would like to help you take it to the next step. We can help you figure out how much it will cost and what kind of materials you will need.

Hopefully, we can also inspire you.

Quality garage doors and options

We have a Design Centre, where you can go and make a computer model of the garage door you want for your home. If you haven’t done that yet, you may want to go do it but, even if you haven’t, we can help you. If you’re ready to go, so are we.

At Colonial Overhead Doors, we make certain that you know all of the different options for your garage door. If you have plans, we can help you using those. We can also help using photos of your home, a copy of your Design Centre model, colour swatches of your home’s exterior, windows and other surfaces and more. Our professionals and seeing the products in person both give you real advantages in making a smart decision.

Lots to choose from

The showroom in Johnstown has many different options for you to select from, but we want to make certain that the process is as easy as possible for you. Seeing everything right in front of you really makes a difference, but we can help you make sure you’re making the right choice. Our consultants can help you make sense of the many options you have available.

No matter what your project entails, there are likely some common questions that it will share with other garage door projects, and we want to make certain that you answer those, as well. We can help you to do so, as these really make a difference in selecting the right garage door and just about everybody needs to discuss these points when they’re ready to proceed.

  • Do you have a heated garage?
  • Do you want windows in the garage door?
  • Do you need to accommodate a room over the garage door?
  • Are their neighbourhood restrictions on what you can do?
  • What architectural style is your house designed in?
  • Do you store your car in your garage?

Taking advantage of our showroom helps in several ways:

  • You get an in person look at colour, texture and other variables
  • You can examine for insulation density, whether resistance, heaviness and other specifications
  • You can compare models very closely
  • You can see what types of windows you might want
  • You can discuss the LiftMasterTM garage door opener and other options

Finishing the process

We can give you a no obligation estimate so you have a good idea of how much it will cost to complete your plans. We can also provide you with additional informational materials, all of which will help you to narrow down your choices and make the entire process of getting your garage door selection finished much more quickly.

Colonial Overhead Doors Showroom

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